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+4 0371 000 111

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Monday-Friday 8-21, Saturday 8-18

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Unirii dental clinic
Str. Th. Sperantia 14, et 1, SECTOR 3, Bucharest, Nearby landmarks: Zepter building, Unirii Bd. We are easy to find in the Unirea-Vitan area, 500 meters near Bucharest Mall. You can reach us via the No. 123 Bus from the central Unirea station
Opening hours Monday-Friday 8-21, Saturday 8-18
KPG KPG Giurca Simona:
Mobile: +4 0755 101 002
KPG KPG Visovan Catalina:
Mobile: +4 0755 101 001
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Militari dental clinic
Address: Rosia Montana no. 6 Str. , District 6, Bucharest, Nearby landmarks: Gorjului Market and subway station, The No 21 Police section . Call +4 0371000111. We are easy to reach, just 5 mintues walk from the Gorjului subway station
Opening hours Monday-Saturday 8-21
KPG KPG Grigore Elena:
Mobile: +4 0755 101 003
KPG KPG Ionica Vera:
Mobile: +4 0755 101 003

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