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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism
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Dental tourism services at Neoclinique - Transform your dental treatment in a pleasant mini-holiday.

New services in 2017 - Fast and fixed, All on 4, All on 6, Zygomatic Implants

Have you repeatedly delayed your dental treatment due to high costs in your country?

There is a solution, to combine business with pleasure and solve most of your dental problems in one stay. Find out more information by calling +4 0755.101.001,  +4.0755.101.002 Monday to Friday between 8 to 21 and Saturday  8 AM to 6 PM, or by email at


What is the first step? For a diagnosis, a treatment plan and price evaluation, send us a recent panoramic x-ray and specify what problems you want to solve by email at

For prices, you can check the link below and see the costs to over 120 common procedures including dental implants, crowns and ceramic veneers:


Here you can see a number of  dental tourism cases treated  at Neoclinique:


We are well organised and we assure you all you need so that at the end of your dental treatment you’ll happily return to everyday life, thinking "How great it is that I found the people at Neoclinique."


Why choose dental tourism treatments at Neoclinique?

1) Costs for dental treatment is at least 50-70% lower than similar dental treatment in England, France, Germany or the US. Dental tourism is chosen by thousands of patients from abroad who visit Romania annually.

2) Take advantage of the latest equipment and materials of the highest quality. We constantly invest in the most modern facilities to help our doctors' effort to successfully complete treatment. If you choose Neoclinique dental tourism, you will be impressed by the clinic’s equipment, as well as the comfortable feel.

3) We offer fast treatment options, specially tailored for situations when you have little time, such as a dental tourism mini-vacation:

4) We use painless dental procedures. We are equipped with STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) and a device for inhalosedation (laughing gas). You can also opt  for analgosedation (analgesic and sedative) assisted by a specialist.

5) We have a team dedicated to patient counselling so that treatment plans are clearly explained and transparent. The understanding of the treatment plan is very important, so you can return abroad with all your dental problems solved.


In addition, you will find a visually transparent protocol. This protocol consists of the classic intra oral consultation and highlighting dental issues using photographs and x-rays. Based on this, an interdisciplinary treatment plan is made. A team of medical specialists discuss each case, together with a medical manager.

At the end, the financial plan is very well explained and broken down by a counsellor which we call Key Patient Guide. The KPG is your guide at Neoclinique from the beginning, so you can understand and choose the correct treatment, without medical or financial surprises.

6) Our team speaks English fluently. You can request a preliminary examination in English by sending us an email with a panoramic X-rays and a detailed, single tooth X-ray.

What dental treatments do patients traveling to Bucharest and choose Neoclinique often request ?

Generally,  dental tourism means a consultation with the implantology team and dental implant surgery with dental crowns. Dental aesthetics appointments are also in high demand: dental veneers or teeth whitening for a perfect smile.


Where I can see before and after pictures of Neoclinique patients?

There are dozens of cases grouped by category in the photo gallery. You can see for yourself that at the end of an aesthetic dental treatment, our patient’s smile is impressively more beautiful.


What remains to be done?

Contact us today at +40755.101.001,  +4.0755.101.002 or, and tell us what we can help you with. We will assist you with accommodation and transport as well.


For airport shuttle services we recommend Mr. HB Tour SRL by Mugur Vladuca +40 744 324 921, or use the touch screen terminals at the international arrivals terminal to order a taxi from over 10 companies.


Now some ideas to motivate you to immediately plan a dental tourism trip in Bucharest

- In Bucharest has a recently built thermal waters centre, the largest in Europe, called Therme.

- Romania's capital is a real cultural center, hosting dozens of theaters and museums, the Romanian opera, and concert halls: Bucharest National Theatre (recently renovated), Odeon Theatre http: // www., comedy Theatre, Bulandra Theatre Excelsior

For a list of cultural events, check out

 If you like museums, you can find a list here:

- Whether you are passionate about peaceful walks in the park, relaxing at the spa or the adrenaline of club nights, in Bucharest you will find what you are looking for.

- A night in a 5-star hotels cost 2 times less than in London or Paris.


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our Unirii Clinic on this phone no.  +40371.000.111 or by email  .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Unirii Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Giurca Simona: Email:   Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 02

KPG Visovan Catalina: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 01


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our  Militari Clinic on this phone no. +40371.000.111 or by email: .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Militari Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Ionica Vera: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03

KPG Grigore Elena: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03