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Modern Endodontics

Modern Endodontics
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Modern microscopic endodontics - root canal and isolation with hot liquid beefill


5 advantages of endodontic treatment at Neoclinique:

1. Accuracy - we work with magnifying glasses with a magnification factor of 25x and canal lighting and apex locator, an electronic tool that measures canal length. The inner part of the tooth is very small, canals are only 1 mm long, and it would be difficult to visualise and treat without the surgical microscope.

2. Ideal canal isolation - Warm condensation Beefill is a fluid sealant  that penetrates all canal branches and ramifications and blocks access to bacteria that could compromise the endodontic treatment

 3. Efficient cleaning - through rotating pins (complete rotary endodontic treatment)

 4. One session, quick healing root canal - compared to manual techniques that require the patient to return to 1 hour sessions, 3 to 10 times.

 5. Over 90%  success rate on first intervention - compared to manual techniques and solid channel isolation which have a 50% success rate


Is a root canal painful?

The patient does not feel pain because an anesthetic numbs the work area for 2 to 3 hours.

Teeth may feel more sensitive when chewing or exposure to heat or cold within 7 days of the endodontic treatment. This mild discomfort will diminish each day.

Your dentist may recommend a series of drugs that will improve your condition after the endodontic treatment.


How long does a canal obturation session last?

In most cases the endodontic treatment is completed the same day in a 1 to 2 hour meeting.

The duration depends on whether the treated tooth has one, two or three roots. It depends on how complicated it is, if there are any prosthetics that need to be removed. There are several stages in a root canal to remove infected tissue: disinfecting, cleaning, drying and filling.


What happens to the tooth’s roots and the nerve?

Endodontics saves teeth from extraction. The insides of the roots are cleaned and used to support the reconstruction of the tooth. If the nerve is extracted, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold, but it will still feel natural because the root is connected to bone by a ligament.


Why is root canal treatment best when done with the latest equipment in endodontics?

+ Endodontic treatment can be completed in one sitting instead of many visits to the dentist

+ Immediate healing of apical diseases that normally heal in at least 7 sessions or at all

+ Measuring canal length electronically is recognised as the safest method

+ Wide projection of apical canals with an unique view of the apical construction

+ Electronic determination of root canal length, without using X-rays

+ The best filling results by the vertical compacting

+ Safe fillings on side channels as well

+ Minimal risk of fracturing the root

+ Full restoration in a single session

+ Backfill and down-pack functions

+ Pulp sensitivity testing

+ Quick cartridge replacement using drop-in/drop-out

+ Quick and accurate root canals widening all the way to the apex through audio and graphic signals, which help the doctor detect the apex, clean and widen the channels. The doctor can correctly and quickly follow the endodontic treatment, without going past the apex (this is the usual manoeuvre in the classical treatment of the endodontic canal, causing complications that can even lead to surgery to remove the cause of ailment and save the tooth).

+ Sealing without risk of seeping into canals.

+ In this case, sealing is done by dipping the hot sealant in liquid form - which means that it will reach absolutely all the root canal and micro canals. These canals are normally related to the body’s internal environment, and can increase the chance of microorganisms to penetrate and hurt the tooth.

+ In the classic method, this sealant is dry and can often leave open access towards the body or to the external environment which cause subsequent root complications.


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