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Incognito Dental Braces

Incognito Dental Braces
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Incognito braces are mounted on the lingual side of teeth, which means they will not be visible at all.

Who wears Incognito braces?

Every year, thousands of Romanians improve their smile. Teeth alignment and orthodontic treatments are common procedures.

In an orthodontic consultation, your doctor will show you different types of braces and explain about the advantages and prices of each model. Invisible braces with gold brackets mounted on the inside of teeth is the best aesthetic solution.

Incognito braces are installed via a lingual technique on the inside of the teeth. It is a complicated procedure, but our orthodontist has been Incognito specialised and certified.

The braces are made by scanning the dental impressions with the latest technology - CAD CAM

Both brackets and springs are made individually by computer technology CAD / CAM. The high precision ensures the patients teeth will be beautifully aligned in the end.

The brackets are made of gold alloy, are hypoallergenic and 100% compatible. This allows a flat and slim design, high tooth adhesion, greater comfort for the patient, easy cleaning and quick phonation adaptation.

Invisible braces advantages

Incognito is the best choice when appearance plays an important role in the patient’s social or professional life.

An added bonus is that it allows easy tooth maintenance and periodontal hygiene and health.

Incognito Braces can correct any malocclusion in young adults and adults alike, with great results.


Incognito type invisible braces are a great option for patients who want to straighten their teeth, while they continue to perform activities that require displaying their smile and teeth, and at the same time avoiding the slightly unaesthetic appearance of other types of braces (singers, TV presenters, trainers, people often working with the public)


See Invisalign in real cases at Neoclinique:

Ovidiu - Incognito invisible braces on upper arch

Georgiana - Invisible braces treatment on the mandibular arch


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