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Invisalign braces


Invisalign is one of the easiest ways to straighten your teeth, because it’s removable, it looks like a dental tray and it’s made out of transparent material which makes it practically invisible.

Invisalign is a modern teeth straightening procedure. It is the latest orthodontic treatment, it doesn't have any wires or brackets, and it is invisible. Invisalign comes from Invisible Aligners.


A million smiles are owed to Invisalign braces. The braces are suitable for teenagers and adults alike who want to transform their smile efficiently and conveniently. The patient spends less time in the dental office for adjustments.


Using advanced 3D imaging , Invisalign reconstructs your complete treatment plan based on Neoclinique orthodontist's prescription, starting from your teeth’s initial position to the final one. This unique software allows patients to see their treatment plan from beginning to end even before starting treatment with Invisalign braces.

Invisalign doesn’t involve any brackets or wires. It consists of transparent plastic trays used to align your teeth by applying a controlled force over them.

During treatment you will wear a series of trays, which you will change every 2 weeks, until your teeth are perfectly aligned.

This enables us to treat patients from all over the country, since orthodontic appointments are much rarer.


No one will know that you are straightening your teeth, because Invisalign really is invisible. I It is a state of the art treatment which doesn’t affect your social life. You don’t have to worry about unaesthetic brackets.

It is removable. You can take it out to eat and brush your teeth. It's comfortable: no irritations, no problems. You will simply forget you are wearing it.

Invisalign is manufactured exclusively for each patient, by the Align Technology Laboratories in USA, perfectly adapted to the unique features of each patient.

Neoclinique offers orthodontics services in Bucharest.


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For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our Unirii Clinic on this phone no.  +40371.000.111 or by email  .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Unirii Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Giurca Simona: Email:   Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 02

KPG Visovan Catalina: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 01


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our  Militari Clinic on this phone no. +40371.000.111 or by email: .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Militari Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Ionica Vera: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03

KPG Grigore Elena: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03