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Dental implants

Dental implants
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We only use the top Straumann and Osstem implants.

For any information and appointments, you can reach us at +4 0371.000.111

Implant surgery has become routine, and our medical team is highly skilled in alveolar and oro-maxillo -facial surgery.

Neoclinique is equipped with everything necessary for OMF surgeries.

Treatment packages are easily accessible: At Neoclinique, you can  pay your dental implants in instalments, through Banca Transilvania ( “Patient Loan" up to 50,000 euros a maximum of 20 years) or through Raiffeisen Bank (up to 10 instalments without interest).

Implant prices vary depending on the type of implant chosen by you and your specialist, and on the chosen treatment plan.


Basic info about dental implants offered by Neoclinique:

1. Straumann SLA implants integrate within 1 month instead of 6, and the final crown can be installed much quicker.

2. If there is tooth extraction, dental implants can be mounted the same day , and in some cases provisional prosthesis as well.

3. We use PRF (Platelet rich fibrin), which allows us to make 100% biologically compatible membranes that promote rapid bone healing,  which may be required during surgery and implants.

4. At Neoclinique, we have a 95%  success rate of implants.

5. The surgery itself  is not painful, it is performed under local anaesthesia or in some cases analgo-sedation.

6. The diagnosis requires taking a CT scan (CT) and a blood test. The CT shows us the facial nerve route as well as the blood vessels, and we are able to simulate the implant insertion without damage to either.

7. If more than 12 months have passed since the tooth extraction in the spot where you want an implant, it’s very likely that the supporting bone has shrunk. In this case, bone grafting is recommended 4-10 months before inserting dental implants, in order to restore lost bone volume and to ensure the implant will fixate well. Dental implant's standard length is 10 to 12 mm, and the bone must be 1-2 mm bigger.

8. If you need implants to replace the upper molars beneath the sinuses, there may not be enough bone to secure the dental implant and then a "sinus lifting” surgery will be needed. This surgery grafts bone underneath the sinus

The implant insertion is the first step of treatment. Now there is a new root that must integrate with the bone.

Implant (new root) will be executed fixed or mobile work depending on the case.

The implant (new root) will then be fitted with a fixed or mobile prosthesis, depending on the case. An implant solves an edentulous space (empty space) in your smile, without sacrificing any neighbouring teeth. An implant can even solve a large toothless stretch (massive or total lack of teeth), with crowns or stable prosthetics.

A dental implant is the recommended method of treatment in the absence of natural teeth, from a medical, aesthetic and functional point of view.

The surgical procedure is done in two steps:

1. The introduction of pure titanium implant into the bone, followed by a period of 4-6 months, in which the implant will be integrated into the bone.

2. Exposing the implant and attaching the prosthetic work.


The usefulness of a dental implant:

A dental implant is used to replace the absence of coronary roots so that the reconstitution of the lost tooth can be supported.

It can be used as a porcelain bridge support for gaps, in order to avoid prosthesis, especially if the patient is young.


Advantages of implants compared to conventional prosthetics:

- An implant is much more comfortable.

- The tooth and gum look very similar to natural tooth.

- The adjacent teeth maintain their integrity without involving them in future prosthetics.

- The implant replaces the tooth’s root, which helps maintain bone levels in optimal aesthetic and functional limitations.

- Throughout the treatment the patient wears provisional prosthesis. This is fitted and cemented post op.

- It is  easier to maintain oral hygiene


For more details, please contact one of KPGs:

Unirii Clinic, Simona Giurca +40755101002, Catalina Visovan +40755101001

Militari Clinic, Elena Grigore +40755101003, Vera Ionica +40755101003

Important: Neoclinique also offers 1-day dental prosthetics.  Our clinics are equipped with CEREC, a machine that creates crowns and dental veneers in less than 1 hour,  saving a lot of time. We use CEREC to build the dental crowns for implants as well.


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Neoclinique is your dental clinic for implant surgery in Bucharest.

Cases Dental implants


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our Unirii Clinic on this phone no.  +40371.000.111 or by email  .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Unirii Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Giurca Simona: Email:   Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 02

KPG Visovan Catalina: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 01


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our  Militari Clinic on this phone no. +40371.000.111 or by email: .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Militari Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Ionica Vera: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03

KPG Grigore Elena: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03