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Dental professional whitening at Neoclinique

Dental professional whitening at Neoclinique
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Why professional dental whitening?

Because it is the safest method of teeth whitening.

Because professional dental whitening gives you a bright smile without sacrificing the health of your teeth.

Trying to whiten your teeth at home, without consulting your dentist in advance and without following their advice and directions, can severely affect your teeth.

The methods of natural teeth whitening are financially encouraging, but here the advantages stop.

In the best case, they will not damage the integrity of the enamel and will have a cleaning effect of the teeth.

But there is the possibility of affecting tooth enamel, which is never desirable.


Professional teeth whitening procedures

Professional dental whitening procedures are based on the use of professional hydrogen peroxide whitening gels.

Unlike the whitening performed at home, in the clinic dental whitening lasts much less and has a much more pronounced effect, due to the use of accelerating medical equipment for whitening: the medical laser and the lamp with intense light.

In Neoclinique dental clinics you can be sure that our specialists will take care that your teeth are completely safe, using the highest quality gels made by reputable companies in the field.

The doctor will protect your gums by applying a protective gel. He will also take care of your comfort, as well as the protection of your lips and cheeks, by fixing a protective rubber or plastic device to keep your mouth open.


The professional whitening procedure consists of:

  • applying a gums protection gel;
  • applying the teeth whitening gel;
  • using the lamp or laser to activate the gel and accelerate the whitening effect.


Teeth whitening with SIROLaser SIRONA

Laser whitening is done by the doctor for each tooth individually.

Once applied the gum protection gel and whitening gel, the doctor will effectively clean the spots on your teeth, leaving your teeth glowing, with the help of SIROLaser. This is a pen-shaped laser that allows easy use by the doctor. The procedure will be repeated up to 3 times, depending on the needs, after cleaning and replicating a new layer of whitening gel, each time.


Each time, the doctor will study the degree of teeth whitening, making sure that the final effect is exactly the one you want.

The major advantage of using laser for whitening is the absence of dental sensitization effects.

More about laser bleaching here:


Teeth whitening with Philips White Zoom

The treatment duration is one hour and it is composed of 3 treatment sessions of 15 minutes each.

Applying the whitening gel is followed by fixing the acceleration whitening lamp and holding on the teeth for 15 minutes. After 3 consecutive bleaching sessions, a whitening with 6 to 8 shades is obtained.

More about bleaching with Philips White Zoom here:


Recommendations after whitening

The durability of the bleaching effect depends largely on the patient's behaviour after treatment.

We advise you to:

  • Perform oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, using the toothpaste for sensitive teeth in the first 2 weeks;
  • Avoid, for about 72 hours after the treatment, the consumption of substances that colour the teeth, such as berries, cherries, balsamic vinegar, coffee, red wine, tomato juice;
  • Do not smoke for 24 hours after treatment;
  • Avoid acidic foods for several days after treatment, if there is a dental sensitivity installed;
  • Perform regular dental consultations, including oral scaling, if necessary, to remove tartar and minor stains that may occur in the meantime.

The professional dental whitening at Neoclinique will give your smile a glow!


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