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Remodeling your smile to exceptional standards - Neoclinique

Remodeling your smile to exceptional standards - Neoclinique
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Something so important as your smile deserves to be treated in the best conditions, safely and with the guarantee that the effect will be the one expected.

Choosing the right clinic can make the difference between an aesthetic or an not so aesthetic treatment.


Neoclinique - exceptional dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is an important branch of dental medicine, increasingly sought after lately.

In the modern age, patients have begun to want more than the effective treatment of oral health problems.

Dentistry is currently focusing more and more on the aesthetics of teeth and dental work.

Neoclinique is distinguished by the very high quality standards of the medical services offered to its patients, as well as by the fact that it focuses on dental aesthetics.


Any dental treatment, however small, performed in the Neoclinique clinics, involves work and dedication, in order to have not only perfectly functional results, but also great aesthetic results.

Because, in the end, we treat our oral health problems not only so that we can eat and speak properly, but especially so that we can display a pleasant and even conquered smile.

Dental aesthetics within Neoclinique involves dental work of great precision, performed by doctors specialised in dental aesthetics and with a special aesthetic sense.


Restoration of the smile at Neoclinique, through complete dental services


When choosing Neoclinique, you must know that you choose the highest level of safety, quality and aesthetics. These are possible by offering complete dental services, which integrate within the same clinic all dental specialties, but also advanced radiological services.

Our doctors are profoundly specialised and act only in their field of expertise, this principle ensuring the maximum quality of the medical document.

In the Neoclinique dental clinic, specialised doctors carefully and expertly perform the most varied range of dental treatments:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental aesthetics
  • Dental braces (Orthodontics)
  • Endodontics
  • OMF surgery and dental emergencies
  • Dental bleaching
  • Digital smile design
  • Radiology
  • inhalation sedation
  • Dental hygiene (scaling, airflow)
  • Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid
  • Dentistry for children (pedodontics)
  • Dentistry (dental caries treatment, fillings)
  • Periodontology
  • Dental prosthesis


The unique Key Patient Guide service ensures the highest transparency of treatments and seamless communication between the clinic and the patient.

Understanding each step, the existence of a person who will take care of you every time you come for an appointment, to lead you in the office and to answer your questions patiently, is very important for the success of the treatment and the patient's comfort.

The digital and robotic technologies ensure the accuracy of the measurements, the realisation of the prosthetic parts, the planning and the performing of the surgical interventions.

Your smile deserves to be restored to exceptional standards, within a dental clinic with experience and affinities in the field of dental aesthetics.


Neoclinique has implemented the Test Drive Your Smile dental aesthetic concept.

This concept is integrated into any larger treatment plan. Basically, any future modification of your tooth will be part of a plan to heal your teeth, but also to aestheticise your smile.

The novelty comes from the fact that a great deal of attention is paid to the aesthetic aspect, realising a virtual simulation of the smile that you will get after the treatment, which will materialise in a practice, photo and video.

Thus the stress of the uncertainty of the aesthetic results of the dental treatments is eliminated and the ideal smile is established together with the patient.


Call with confidence to Neoclinique, to restore your smile to an exceptional standard!


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our Unirii Clinic on this phone no.  +40371.000.111 or by email  .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Unirii Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Giurca Simona: Email:   Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 02

KPG Visovan Catalina: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 01


For appointments or further information regarding our prices, location, services and doctors you can contact our  Militari Clinic on this phone no. +40371.000.111 or by email: .

For details of your treatment plan if you are a patient in the Militari Clinic discuss with the following Key Patient Guides:

KPG Ionica Vera: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03

KPG Grigore Elena: Email: Mobile: +4 0755 10 10 03