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Myth and truth about dental veneers

Myth and truth about dental veneers
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Dental veneers are like thin porcelain shells that apply to the visible surface of the teeth, especially to the upper fronts, responsible for the look of smile, bringing harmony and beauty to the physiognomy.


These small technological wonders are made uniquely, in the shape, colour and position desired and correct the unsightly appearance of the teeth, whether it is clamped teeth, fractures, diastema (twisted), shavings, deformations or persistent stains, tight teeth, too small or crooked.


Dental aesthetics is a topic currently in everyone’s attention, so inevitably various myths have appeared on this subject. It is important to be properly informed about all aspects before you get this treatment of dental aesthetics.


1. Dental veneers cause tooth damage, weakening by grinding.

This idea has come from the fact that in some cases the teeth are polished, so the veneers can be applied. There are no-prep veneers (no tooth preparation), totally non-invasive, which do not involve any grinding, just sticking the facets directly on the enamel.


For veneers that require tooth preparation before application, this degree of grinding is very low, it does not damage the tooth in any way. The teeth can only be grinned a lot if it is the case and if the patient really wants a certain aspect (the teeth are very large). If not, even less than half a millimetre is sanded. Polishing for veneers is totally different from crowning, which is much thicker. It is a very long and exact, lasting process, which follows the morphology of the tooth exactly.


2. Predispose teeth to cavities

In fact, dental veneers even protect teeth, as the acid attack that causes cavities does not have any effect on veneers.


3. Looks fake, anyone realises they are not your teeth

Dental veneers are very fine ceramic sheets, which look extremely natural, their aesthetics being at a very high level. Designing the future smile is done digitally, studying the patient's smile in pictures, filming, simulations are made to choose the most natural and harmonious variants, so in the end, you will only know why your smile shines with beauty.


4. Their colour is not natural, being very white.

The colour of your future dental facets will be chosen based on the colour of your skin, eyes and hair, so that your face looks perfectly natural, and the overall look delightful. The colour of future veneers should also be correlated with the other teeth in the oral cavity.


Some people prefer their smile to be unnaturally white and shiny, but that's just their preference, not a general rule. Patients have many shades to choose from, it's up to you how natural your tooth colour will be.


5. Too thin to be strong.

The veneers are very thin - up to 0.5 mm - but as soon as they are cemented, they fit perfectly into the tooth structure and become extremely durable. The life of the dental veneers is great if the patient maintains them properly, through impeccable oral hygiene at home and professional periodic hygiene in the cabinet. Though delicate, once cemented, the dental veneers are extremely resistant, with a lifetime of about 15-20 years.


6. Causes adverse reactions, such as hot teeth sensation, cold and gum damage.

After application of the dental veneers, a temporary dental sensitivity can occur due to spraying and cementing. This sensitivity yields every passing day, becoming no longer present within a week, maximum three.


7. Requires a much more thorough care than the unadulterated teeth.

The dental veneers take care exactly the same way and with the same frequency as the unfastened teeth. The advantage is that most of the time, patients become more aware of the need for oral care with the application of the facets, thus taking care of oral hygiene, as they should have done forever.


The truth is that dental veneers represent the simplest and non-invasive method of physical beauty by transforming the smile - the central element of physiognomy.


Neoclinique specialists are delighted to create delightful smiles!


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